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The Secret to Happiness and Success

Hope is my favorite gift to mankind. I believe it to be the defeater of all depressions. Hope excites us and inspires us to take action. Hope should be a confident expectation of greatness that causes us to take action.

There are two types of hope. A pitiful hope and a powerful hope. The pitiful hope is where I might passively sit on a couch and hope something happens that may change a bad situation. The powerful hope is where I expect a change and the expectation inspires me to take action. You can hope that today is going to be good and wait and see what the day brings, or you can expect that the day is going to be great and despite setbacks, you go out and make it a most productive and best day. This is the hope I love. This is the hope that changes the world. This is the hope that keeps my network marketing business growing. This is the hope that excites me so much that I can’t wait to share the opportunity with others.

The most exciting news is that hope is a feeling that can be created. We all wake up some mornings feeling defeated before we even get our feet out of bed. On these mornings it is easy to say there is nothing to feel hopeful about. But you have to remember that feelings are fickle. When you begin to realize that you have power over your feelings you are able to take on the world.

Boost yourself with positive words. Before your feet hit the floor, remind yourself of difficulties you have overcome in the past and hope expectantly for your future. Like a pregnant woman expects a baby to come, expect good things to come your way. Expect your breakthroughs to happen. This is life changing for many people. Your breakthrough may not happen immediately, but you will be happier while you wait for it to happen and every day will bring you one day closer.

Hope believes boldly, decides daringly, speaks firmly and perseveres passionately. All the perfect recipe for success in Network Marketing.


Micky Bixby


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