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Why everyone should have a network marketing business in their portfolio

Most people have been approached by some network marketing company offering the greatest in something. You may have brushed it aside not understanding the value a network marketing business may offer you.

Network marketing has come along way since Amway first introduced the business model to the masses. The home parties, inventory, paperwork and deliveries are pretty much a thing of the past. Its now all done through personalized webpages, social media, direct deliveries through courier companies and automated websites. So if you find a niche you like to talk about, you can do very well sharing your products and website.

The reason most people are taking a second look at network marketing is the residual income. For most this is a concept that has been overlooked when building their portfolio. Yet this is a gold nugget that shouldn't be omitted. A real estate friend explained it to me this way. When he is negotiating and selling houses he is making great money. But if he isn't out their networking and making deals, he isn't. It is a competitive job being a successful realtor. It requires long hours and being available 24/7 at all times. So despite the pay being very well, it stops when he stops. Since he has added a network marketing company to his portfolio, he knows that he has a paycheck coming to him every week whether he is working or not. So now when his wife wants him to take her to Mexico for 2 weeks he still has a money being deposited into his bank account while he is vacationing.

Building a residual income in network marketing isn't easy. You have to put effort into building a business. But the pay off can be big and it can give you peace of mind when a crisis comes up and you aren't able to work that traditional job.


Micky Bixby


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