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Making A Fool Of Yourself

When I first started out on my journey of doing an online business, this was my biggest fear. My inner voice was constantly whispering in my ear, "you look stupid", "you're not pretty enough to make videos", "eww... look at how crooked your teeth are", "you can't have any influence with skin like that!" "your voice sounds horrible", "what is (insert any name here) going to think?". It stopped me from posting or recording so much of my journey that I now wish I had had the guts to post. If only I knew then, what I know now.

We are so wrapped up in looking like the perfect person, that we actually lose touch of what we are trying to accomplish. We aren't supposed to be perfect. We are supposed to be unique expressions of creation. Our differences should be worn with pride separating us from the masses. We should speak boldly of our beliefs and be unafraid of having opposition. Opposition is good. It helps us learn and grow.

I confess I still hear that inner voice whispering those thoughts into my conscious, but I have now learned to confidently speak back to that inner voice. I tell it that it's going to be okay. It's okay if my teeth aren't perfect, my skin isn't flawless, or my voice is cartoony. What matters is what is in my heart. My heart wants people to be healthy. My heart wants people to know I care. And that is what I'm trying to accomplish. And when I can truly work from that space that is when success happens.

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