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What is your Legacy?

If you were told you only had a year to live, what would you want your legacy to be? What would you change in your life to create a legacy? Most of us will have the honor of being remembered as a great family member and/or friend. But is that all we are put on this amazing earth to be?

This is something that has haunted me and I’m going to guess, probably you too. I was searching for a more meaningful life. There are so many worthy causes out there that could use help, but if your heart isn’t in it, you probably aren’t meant for it. So what is your core purpose?

Life is a puzzle for all of us as we search for our meaning or purpose. I think the key is looking at the pieces left behind from all our successes and failings. They start to form together and shape who we are. They are like little hints that will form the final picture and complete the masterpiece. Sometimes we are so focused on what’s ahead that we miss the truths that are left behind. All those past hurts, all those past achievements are building the picture of what lies ahead. That is where the secret lays to what your true purpose is.

If we are living and breathing our picture will continue to grow. Our purpose will evolve and change as needed. You don’t need to look to others or compare. We all have our own journey, our own destiny to fulfill, which is unique and important.

How can your network marketing business fulfill part of your purpose? What past events are connected to your business now? What unique ability works well with this business? Tying these pieces of the puzzle together will make you unstoppable.


Micky Bixby


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