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This is a big question that comes up to most network marketers when working in the health and wellness industry. The FDA regulates all prescription and non-prescription drugs. So all drugs that you buy must be proven safe and effective before allowing it to be available to consumers.

Dietary supplements are treated more as a food and don’t have to follow the guidelines and regulations like drugs do. The only regulations that the FDA places on dietary supplements is that they are manufactured in accordance to FDA guidelines. Many Network Marketers will tell you their supplement is FDA approved, but actually it was only manufactured following the processes and guidelines created by the FDA.

This may seem like an unsafe practice and should make you question all the dietary supplements that you buy. Read and research. There are many herbs that may seem okay because they are natural, but may have just as harsh side effects as prescription medications. You can rest assured that if a product has received a lot of negative complaints of ill side effects, the FDA does have permission and WILL stop a company from making the supplement.

So supplementary products that have been on the market for a couple of years should be a safe choice for you to consume.


Micky Bixby


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