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The Importance of You

I think the most important part of marketing your network marketing business is knowing the importance of you. So many of us try so hard to be someone we’re not created to be. We think we have to act like someone that is more successful, or talk like the leader we watched on stage. We take notes, we read blogs, we watch videos trying to be better. What if we just stopped and recognized our own abilities and unique qualities. What if we tried to create our business around who we are rather than around others that we perceive to have it all together?

Some of us are created to be like lions and create a kingdom we can rule over, and some of us are created to be like the St. Bernard rescue dogs trying to help. Some of us are like the monkeys that swing high above everyone creating amusement, and others are the fish that swim in schools and want to be led. We are all unique and it wouldn’t make sense seeing a St. Bernard swing from the trees, just like it wouldn’t make sense you being someone else.

Network Marketing gurus tend to try to teach everyone to follow their exact approach to success. But if the objectives are different, the methods won’t be the same. A St. Bernard isn’t going to have the same objective as the lion. Recognize your objective, recognize your strengths and bond them together. If you can’t do that in your business or team then I suggest you find a business or team that you can.


Micky Bixby


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