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Negative Marketing

Every product and created will have negative reports along with the positive reports. I know it’s frustrating when you are excited about a product that has been life changing for you and people keep telling you the negative reviews. So what can you do about it?

Know what complaints are out there. Do your research, so you are better prepared for the concerns. Find out if the complaints have been addressed by the company and what the resolutions were. You can also politely add your positive results to the negative reviews. This will show people two sides to the story.

Also encourage people when they come upon a bad review to dig a bit further and they may find that the review is to encourage people to buy their product instead. It is called negative marketing. Most people would find it unethical to participate in this type marketing, but there are plenty that don’t hold the same ethics and morals. Slandering the competition and creating doubt, gives them the edge. Many people fall prey to these lies, which just encourages this negative marketing to continue.

But most importantly, you have to remember that you probably read up on everything about the product before you bought it. You wanted to know if it was safe, what other people thought of it and what results people had. You read the good with the bad and you still decided it was the product for you. Trust that other people will do the same.

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