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How to Have a Miserable Life

  1. Think about yourself constantly.

  2. Use the word 'I' as much as possible.

  3. Mirror yourself continuously by the opinion of other people.

  4. Listen greedily about what others say about you and if it's not what you want to hear, be angry.

  5. Expect to be appreciated by everyone.

  6. Be suspicious.

  7. Be jealous and envious of others.

  8. Be sensitive and easily offended.

  9. Never forgive a criticism.

  10. Trust nobody but yourself.

  11. Demand agreement with your own ideas on eveything.

  12. Sulk and feel sorry for yourself if people aren't grateful for what you do for them.

  13. Never forget what you do for other people. Think about it at all times.

  14. Always remember what people have failed to do for you.

  15. Shirk your duties

  16. Always try to entertain yourself first

  17. Do as little as you can for other people.

My favorite speaker, Joyce Meyers, listed these off in a message and I thought it was powerful. Everything listed on here I have been guilty of at one time or another. It is human nature to fall prey to these characteristics.

As a network marketer we have to be positive and fill people with hope. Allowing ourselves to give into the temptations of any of these will have an adverse affect on our marketing.

So if you want a miserable life continue following the list, but if you are looking for changes to better your business, do the opposite. :)

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