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LOVE your life!

Before I started out on my journey of Network Marketing I was a defeated, guarded person. I didn’t trust anyone and lived in a competitive world, where I barely succeeded. My coworkers were negative and despite knowing that negativity was a bad thing, I often joined in the choir of complaining and finding fault. I was miserable and thought that was normal living. Even though I had my faith and a family that loved me, I didn’t know there was a better life. I didn’t know there was a community of people that work together to raise each other up. I thought network marketers were all about dishonesty and scamming people out of their money. I thought it was taking advantage people and brainwashing people to believe that a cheap quality product is better than what I could buy in a store. I honestly had no idea.

When life became so desperate that I knew I had to make a change, I took a chance on what I thought was selling a product. I had recently watched someone else succeed with this product, so maybe I could do it with integrity. That was honestly what I thought! Boy was I in for a shock. It wasn’t like the real estate market, where realtors compete with each other. It wasn’t like the slimy car salesman who tries to tell you a lemon is the best thing for you.

First I found out the product worked! Like unbelievably worked! Then I found out the other people in the business wanted to help me succeed! And everyone was so positive! I kept looking for a catch. I kept thinking if something is too good to be true, then it’s probably a lie. I started to learn how we get paid and that didn’t make sense at all. They were saying I was going to get paid seven different ways. And all I kept thinking was, where is this money coming from? How can this possibly be true? Then the pay checks started to come in, so I knew it wasn’t a lie. But it took many months to understand how the pay plan worked and how I was getting paid. It was like having to relearn a completely new language. One that you never thought existed or even imagined could.

As I continued my journey I realized that it was all true. My heart kept growing with excitement. My dreams didn’t feel unrealistic anymore. My minimal dreams in life, began to grow to huge expectations. My belief in people, started to grow. My walls started to crumble and I began to see the good in everyone, instead of prejudging people. I realized that life wasn’t miserable. And I began to be happy. I began to believe in myself and love myself again.

So today I wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! My hope is that everyone will find this new world and live a blessed, loved life.

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Micky Bixby


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