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Are You Selling or Marketing?

This is one of the keys to building a successful network marketing business. The people that do well realize that selling is what turns prospects away and marketing is what brings prospects to you.

Many people are struggling with building their business because they can’t differentiate the two. Selling is an awful, desperate attempt to get everyone you know to join your business, because you need people to grow your business. You may think that your product would be perfect for them, and in fact it may benefit them, but when you share that they back away and come up with excuses. Selling is when it's all about you, not about the prospect.

Marketing is building a relationship, and offering solutions to their problems. Not looking to create problems to solve, but actually caring about them and listening to them. It’s offering them you, not your products. It’s offering solutions, not worrying about building your business.

I have said this before, people join you, not your company. People want to work with you, not your products. So you need to market yourself. How do you best market yourself? By being genuine. So don’t try to be your upline. You can use their material, without mimicking their style.


Micky Bixby


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