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How to Market Yourself on a Blah Day

Some days do you wake up and the bed feels extra comfy? You think how nice it would be just to stay snuggled under those blankets and get a few more dreams in. But you know your business won’t grow by itself and so you force yourself to emerge from the sanctuary of bed and face the brightness of the day with your sleepy eyes. You stagger to the kitchen make some coffee and then push your body into the rude shower of water slapping your body into wakefulness.

You finally get yourself in front of your glaring computer screen and you brain is still in dream mode. You just can’t focus enough to even consider what should be done. So after glancing over your emails, it’s on to Candy Crush or some other mindless game to try to wake up the brain. Which really isn’t going to stimulate your brain to work. So what do you do?

You need to find a keystone habit to do. A keystone habit is something that you just dread doing, but you make it the number one activity to do for the day. So maybe it’s making that follow up phone call, or writing that speech. Whatever activity that you are so good at procrastinating about. If you can force yourself to take on that one thing, it will completely change your day.

I call it my way to market myself to myself. I instantly go from thinking I’m a zero to thinking I’m a hero. Once I believe I’m a hero, it’s easy to market myself as one.

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