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Why does everyone say no?

I totally know what you mean!!

During my first year everyone was saying no, when I asked them to join me. I tried selling the product, I tried selling the business and everyone said, no. I tried asking mentors for help, I had other leaders present the opportunity, and I read everything I could get my hands on. But something wasn't clicking. And then I realized. I wasn't trying to get people to join the company or buy the product. What I was really wanting was people to join me in this business. I had to let people know why they would want to join ME and marketing myself.

It was a completely different focus. Yes, they still needed to hear about the product and the company, but they really needed reassurance as to what I was offering of myself. I had to reassure them that I would be there for them 24/7. Answer all their questions, walk them through the entire business, never leave their side. And I had to prove it to them. I had to show them my dedication, by following up with them. Whether they agreed to join me or not. People are skeptical. Promises are offered and broken by advertisers, sellers, and even friends. The rule of the land is 'trust noone'. So you have to earn their trust.

People aren't joining a product or a service, people are joining YOU in network marketing. The sooner your start marketing yourself the faster you will start to see your business build. Practice honesty, integrity and loyalty to your business partners. Prove yourself worthy of their trust and you will see your business start to grow. :)

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