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But I don't know anyone...

I think this is the most common statement from people looking at the Network Marketing industry or people that have just joined the industry. The average person has 20-25 people that they can say they know and trust, but if you reach outside of the trust circle, the average person is

said to know about 600 people.

Most network marketing companies suggest you start out with your ‘warm market’, meaning the people within your trust circle. I suggest you start marketing yourself with your ‘lukewarm market’, the 600 people. I say this because most people really want their trust circle to be in their business with them. But at first you will be awkward and nervous. You will be scared of rejection and stutter. Most people will hear your fear and either tell you that they will wait and see how you do, or they will just completely refuse you.

My recommendation is to start marketing yourself to the people that you don’t really care if they join. Get used to your scripts, get comfortable with the 3 way phone calls and skype. And then when you feel ready, approach the people you really care about and want on your team.

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