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Change..It's a good thing

Growing up I was lucky enough to be a part of a large group of friends. We weren’t the highest achievers in life, but we all shared one common goal, to enjoy life. And when I joined Network Marketing I envisioned sharing this venture with them and all of us being able to REALLY enjoying life. I imagined groups of us going on cruises and destination holidays and just having the ability to get together whenever we wanted rather than whenever we could get time off work. I couldn’t wait to share it with everyone.

Well none of them saw my vision. I could blame it on my lack of experience, the wrong approach or a bad presentation, but really what it comes down to is timing. It wasn’t their time.

Not everyone is ready to make a big change and step out of their comfort zone. And possibly some never will. I had a choice to make at that point. Should I quit because it wasn’t working? Or was my belief in the industry big enough to persevere? I really struggled with it, but I knew that doing what I had always done would give me the same results I always had. If I wanted my life to change I had to be the change. I decided to persevere. It was really hard and I didn’t just have to step outside of my comfort zone I had to leap outside of my comfort zone. It was probably the wisest decision I had ever made with my life. I truly love what I do, but mostly... I love who I have become.

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