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Blackbird Fly

This song resonates with me. Most of my life I have felt like I didn’t belong. It was like I was different from the rest, sometimes referred to as the black sheep. I learned to sit and wait in my ugly black feathers with broken wings, not knowing what I was exactly waiting for or when it would happen. It was just an internal knowledge that my day would come. I was a high school dropout, a teenage mom, widowed, running from place to place looking for the answer. I remarried thinking that was the answer. He was another blackbird with broken wings and together we were 4 broken wings. I knew that it would get better, somehow, somewhere, sometime…

Then when I was introduced to this new form of business, a social business, network marketing, it was like I was always waiting for this moment to arise. It was an opportunity where my short comings were an asset rather than a deficit. Allowing me to take these broken wings and learn to fly. Relating to people, taking those sunken eyes and helping them see. It didn’t matter if I had an education, or previous experience. It just embraced me for who I was and my desire to help people. It allowed me to reach dreams I hadn’t even dared to dream.

We are all blackbirds waiting for our moment in time to wake and see what our potentials are; to take our broken wings and dreams and learn to fly. Are you still waiting for your moment to arise? Maybe, like me, this is your moment to be free… Blackbird Fly!


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