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A Beautiful Life

A study was done recently that showed that among full-time workers aged 18 to 64 years, the highest rates of workers experiencing a major depressive episode in the past year were found in the personal care and service occupations and the food preparation and serving related occupations. I totally understand that because that is exactly where I was. Every Monday morning I was wishing it was Friday and every Friday I was dreading Monday. The cycle continued week after week, month after month, year after year. But I was told that was what adult life is all about and learned to be comfortable in a rut. And honestly that comfortable rut was a hard thing to let go of, but I am sure glad I did.

What I love about what I do now is I get to create each day as I want it to unfold. Whether that is sitting at my office and blogging or phoning some friends or meeting for coffee. All I do now is care about people and offer solutions to help them create a beautiful life. And I get paid when I take a sick day, I get paid when I need a vacation, and I get paid when my family needs me. But the best part is I will still get paid when I retire. And I will get paid more than what I did when I was working at my job.



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