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"I don't do sales."

"I don't do sales" is probably the number one response I got when I first started with Network Marketing. I call "Bullshit!" (excuse my grammar). We do sales all the time without even knowing we are doing it. We sell our favorite hair dresser. We sell our favorite designer. We just don't look at it as sales because we don't make a commission on it. When you are passionate about something and believe 100% that a friend or acquaintance could benefit from something we know about, we sell it. We actually love doing it. We feel good about ourselves for helping someone. An example is, The other day I was telling my friend about how my husband's back is really bothering him from sitting in a truck all day. She suggested he try yoga as it really strengthened her back and told me of a class where men and women attend. She definately would not consider herself a salesperson and she definately did not make a commission for promoting the class. She didn't push me into taking my husband there and she didn't get upset when I said my husband is not the type of person who would go to a yoga class. It was just a natural process. That is all Network Marketing is. Suggesting something you think would be beneficial for someone. I personally don't do home parties, keep an inventory of product or try to sell product to people. All I do is share an opportunity when I see it could benefit someone.



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