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What to Look for in a Network Marketing Company

There are many Network Marketing compainies to suit the interests of any individual. If you are looking at getting into one I have a few suggestions in what to look at. Find one that suits your needs.

  1. The Founders. Who are they? What are their objectives? What successes have they previously had? How long have they been in business?

  2. The products. Are they something you feel passionate about or could feel passionate about? Are they products that people will become repeat customers? Do you need to keep a large inventory? Do you need to take orders and make deliveries? Are they priced fairly? Can you get similar products in box stores for cheaper?

  3. The compensation plan. These can be quite complicated to look at when you are new to the industry. Compare them with other plans. Most companies show their plans on their websites. Most have what is a called a binary tree, the best ones pay by generations as well.

  4. The Family (community of distributors). Here is where you will need to ask questions. What are their policies with team building? Can you get help from other teams within the organization? How do they help build teams? Do you have more than one person who will coach you?

  5. The tools. What tools do they have to help you succeed? Do they offer you material to help you learn? Do you have your own e-commerce website within the company? Do they have webinars and team calls on a weekly basis?

  6. Positioning. How many countries are they operating in? How long have they been on the market? How saturated is the community you are in? Is there alot of other companies with the same type of product? Is it a hot trend in the market?

This is just a general guideline.


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