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Something has got to change...

Something has got to change...

Have you ever thought this? I know I have many times. Usually it’s when I am feeling trapped in a situation I don’t like. Whether it’s a money thing, a job thing, or a relationship thing. The typical solution is NOTHING. Most of us hope for change and do nothing. Sometimes we get angry and make sure everyone knows it or we feel sorry for ourselves and play the victim role. But what if we actually did do something different?

It was 2009 and I had said, “My life has got to change” too many times. I wasn’t sure how or why, but I knew something had to change or my sanity would be lost. I was in a job that I had once loved, but felt I had hit the end of it. I was in a house that I didn’t like, my kids were getting older and not needing me, my husband was working long hours and was always exhausted and grumpy the few hours I saw him, and we were living paycheck to paycheck. So I turned my life upside down. I won’t go into the details, but by 2010, EVERYTHING had changed. I can’t say it was easy, or everything was instantly better, but I can say that I did something about my situation and I survived. I would even say, I am a much better person because of it and I am glad I found the courage to do it. It was hard on my family, but they survived too. Change teaches us that security doesn’t come from living in one spot or being comfortable. Security comes from knowing you have what it takes to survive.

Change is always something we tend to fear. The unknown seems so scary sometimes, that it’s just easier to live in a miserable existence. But change is inevitable. Jobs are lost, relationships break, people leave, etc. Nothing ever stays the same. Once we realize that, then making a decision for change seems easier than waiting for a situation that will change us.

Recently we made another change. We jumped ship with both feet and started swimming with network marketing. Many people expected us to drown and honestly sometimes I still wonder if we will drown. But we did it. We defied fear and let go. We let go of traditional thinking, we let go of the imagined job security and we let go of our lifestyle we were accustomed to. I am not suggesting anyone does anything as rash as we did, unless they are confident in making that decision. We did it because we were tired of being tired, we were tired of making someone else rich while we lived paycheck to paycheck. We were tired of being tied down to a mortgage that was made up of mostly interest payments to the bank. We knew something had to change, and that something had to be us.

Network marketing gave us the opportunity to do it. We now have the opportunity to talk to lots of people about something we are passionate about and get paid for it. We see our income increase monthly. Not as quickly as we had dreamed, but it is steadily increasing. If you are saying, something has got to change. Maybe network marketing might be an answer for you too.

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