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I remember when I was younger believing that if you don’t hope for anything good to happen then you will never be let down. The problem with that theory is my happiness was fleeting. It depended upon my circumstances. I would have moments of joy often followed by long periods of disappointment, unhappiness and being miserable. This is a choice many people choose thinking they are protecting themselves from being hurt. Doesn’t really make sense when you look at the larger picture.

I choose to believe that everyday something good is going to happen. The miracle is just around the corner. It may not actually happen in a day, a week, a year or even years, but every day I wake up happy with the expectation of what’s about to come my way.

I have my share of disappointments, but why would I choose to live in dread of the future, rather than in joyful expectation of the future? It’s a choice. Happiness is an attitude, not based on circumstances.

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Micky Bixby


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