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Building Leaders

Building a team in network marketing is different than building a team in the traditional workforce. In the traditional workforce you establish your role and then establish what everyone else’s role in the team will be and work towards a common goal. In network marketing you want to establish that everyone is a leader. Everyone is responsible for the success of their business. Your job is to provide the support needed as they learn their role as leader. This creates the duplication method. If you are doing all the work, your team isn’t learning their role.

I read this story once and it really made sense to me. I have approached leadership differently ever since. There was a team leader that built a new team. Initially it seemed that there were some strong leaders in the group and some weaker ones. It was assumed that the weaker ones would fall away over time. Surprisingly, a year later, the weaker ones were still there and a number of the stronger ones had left. The biggest surprise was that one of the strongest leaders from the initial team was now as weak as the remaining team. Poorly led leaders will choose one of two doors – they will leave or they will become weaker in order to survive. Neither option allows for team growth or accomplishing goals.

In order for teams to succeed, there has to be revolving roles. This allows team members to learn all aspects of leadership. It allows them to find their strengths and build on their weaknesses. It is amazing how well this approach works. If you follow this, your team will be growing and your down line will be excelling in building leaders, which will build more leaders and so on and so on.

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