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Self 1 vs Self 2

I walk into a coffee shop for a cup of coffee. The smell of warm sweetness overwhelms me. This is the conversation going through my head.

Self 1 : “Mmm…Look at that fudge brownie, it would taste so wonderful with my coffee.”

Self 2: “Ah, but I came in for a coffee to wake me up and if I have sugar in half an hour I will be sleepier.”

Self 2: “I’m not really hungry anyways.”

Self 1: “Chocolate will give me a serotonin fix, it will feel good and taste good.”

Self 2: “I should watch my money. Payday is another week away.”

Self 1: “Yep, that $3.50 will make such a huge impact on the budget.”

Self 1: “It’s a treat. What’s so bad about a treat?”

Self 2: “Calories…That’s what’s so bad”

Self 1: “Time to make your order, you don’t have time to make a decision anymore. What’s it going to be? You should just get it and then you can save it for later if you think it’s a bad decision”

“Hi, Can a get a large coffee, with a fudge brownie please.”

I hope I am not the only one that goes through these mental conversations. Self 1 is the party child within me, the rebel without a cause. Self 2 is the logical, practical boring adult that rarely wins the arguments. How is the child within me a better negotiator than the adult? And I swear Self 1 is relentless. If Self 2 ever wins the argument Self 1 will work even harder at the next argument demanding it deserves the win.

Of course, half an hour later, I will be more tired, my brain will be fuzzy and I won’t get any work done. Self 2 will be telling Self 1 that she should have listened and Self 1 will be telling Self 2 that she should have enforced her more. And everyone will regret that 5 minute satisfaction Self 1 got.

This is what I have come to realize…

1. We have become addicted to the quick self-gratifying lifestyle of our generation. Everything is fast and easy. There are no consequences too big. It’s all a lie. We all know better, but the thrill of it all is exhilarating.

2. We don’t value our bodies. We aren’t taught to value them and we take them for granted. These bodies are absolutely amazing. Smarter, more resilient and tougher than any man made creation. They can heal themselves, renew themselves, and don’t require batteries. They are priceless. If we had anything else of equivalent value I am guessing there would probably be more effort put into maintenance to maintain its value.

3. We value money and time over health and wellness. We sacrifice sleep, diet, and exercise to gain a better income. We have it backwards. If we have great health, we will be so much more effective in our businesses.

For the past year and a half I have been on a journey of bettering my life financially, mentally and physically. I started with the goal of financial freedom. The further down the journey I went, the more I realized that I had a lot of work to do in educating myself. So I read and studied A LOT. Which has now brought me into the journey of health and wellness. I now understand that I started backwards. Health is the most important part of business. Without your health, there is no wealth. How can you market a tired, burned out self and be successful? You can’t.

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p.s. I do have a secret I now use to defeat self 1 arguments. Message me for details. :)


Micky Bixby


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