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Learn to Network Market from the Oldest Book in History

Network Marketing has been around much longer than most people realize. The most successful and most famous network marketing campaign started with the apostles in the bible. Their job was to "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” They were sent out in pairs and told to share the news. If they weren’t received or welcomed they were to shake the dust, of that place, off of their feet and continue on. They weren’t expected to go alone. They never prejudged cities or tribes. They didn't argue or persist. They didn’t fall into depression when they weren’t received. They didn’t let fear stop them, though at times they had reason to fear, as their lives were put in jeopardy and many times they found themselves in prison or worse. They didn't just go to their warm market. They didn't make advertisements and paste them to walls around the cities. They did what they were commissioned to do, to tell their story. They had complete trust in their product, Jesus; and were able to demonstrate the power of Jesus by healing the sick and casting out demons. Even with these abilities they were thrown out of cities and people wouldn't listen to them or believe in their product. They continued on two by two, city after city, and into the world spreading the news entirely by word of mouth. According to the Pew Forum, today Christianity has the largest following in the world at 33% and Muslims right behind at 21%.

So from this success we can learn that word of mouth marketing and network marketing are powerful. It is not easy and takes determination. Even the best talkers with the best products won’t be received by everyone and will face rejection. Instead of feeling defeated, shake the dust off your feet and carry on. Find a partner to work with, to verify your story and give you support. Remember to just share your story, don’t argue or persist. Don’t prejudge people or groups. Everyone has a right to hear your story and make their own decision.

If you want to learn more about how the apostles used network marketing to grow Christianity read the New Testament in the bible. For other posts and articles on marketing yourself in Network Marketing go to


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