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In Search of Happiness

This seems to be the goal of many, yet few truly understand the secret. People are buying bigger and better houses, looking for better jobs, trying out other spouses, flying around the world to exotic places, trying to make more money, all in search of happiness. Are they finding it in these things? Momentarily, maybe they have a few smiles, but the deep down, happy content, feeling eludes them.

Happiness doesn’t come from your surroundings. Happiness comes from within. I used to fall victim to the pursuit of happiness. My motto was, if only… Thankfully I have come to realize that happiness comes from your ability to express yourself freely, to love the person you are and to let go of the past.

How does this relate to business?

Well if you are truly happy inside, you exude a confidence that people are drawn to. They want to know you more and are willing to listen to what you have to say. When you speak, you have their attention. You are genuine and that makes you trustworthy in their eyes.

Inner happiness is the true secret to success.

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Micky Bixby


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