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When is it Too Much Information?

I LOVE to learn new ideas and techniques for my business. So I joined countless of newsletters from various business leaders and coaches. And some of the material is absolutely incredible. But sometimes it can feel like too much.

When is too much, too much? Here are 5 signs it might be too much.

1. If you are spending over an hour a day reading various different approaches and techniques, it may be too much.

It’s formidable to want to learn more and be the best you can be, but too many different styles and ideas can overwhelm you and shut your brain down, rather than inspire.

2. If you are feeling more unsure of yourself over time, it might be too much.

It might be a sign that having too many ideas are confusing you as to which approach is the best. You begin to doubt your abilities, because you’ve heard conflicting advice.

3. If you are doing more reading and less working, it might be too much.

It’s easy to say, you can’t do the next step because you have to learn how to be the best

at it first. It makes you feel like you are still moving forward, but really you aren’t. The best part of a network marketing business is you are able to build AS you learn. Not after you learn.

4. If you can’t see the roses through the thorns, it might be too much.

If your inbox is overfilling with so many informational goodies that you overlook a prospect in the emails, it means your need to clean it up. Too much of a good thing is never good for you. That’s what my momma used to tell me, when I wanted more dessert and it applies here too.

5. If you started your home business to spend more time at home, but now when you are not working you are reading and learning during all your family time, it might be too much.

Just like a regular job, you have to maintain hours. You can’t have your brain working on business 24/7. You have to give yourself time to enjoy your blessings and relax.

I’m not suggesting you quit with all of your newsletters and learning tools. But organize them. It will help you to stay focused and give your brain some clarity. Most email servers allow you to create custom boxes for your emails. Create a custom box for each of your newsletters. You will find that most leaders focus on a specific ability. One might focus on closing, one might focus on blogging, one might focus on prospecting, etc. So reading all at once doesn’t make sense anyways. And keep a box for motivational information for those days you might need it. You don’t need to read every newsletter as it comes in your inbox. You are the boss of your inbox as well as your business. :)

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