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Taking a step of Faith

You know when you come to a road block in life and you have to decide whether to go right or left? You are scared if you go right, you should have gone left or vice versa. So you just stand there and stare at the road block sign. And time keeps ticking past. You feel the pressure, but don't know what you should do. You might ask your friends and family, but they all give different answers and they don't really understand enough to give the right answer. You know it's up to you. I hate these times in life, but they constantly come.

When the Network Marketing opportunity came to me, that is how I felt. I wasn't sure if it was a road I should take or not. I could stare at the road block or I could turn left and join or turn right and continue on the journey of working 9-5 for someone elses dream. You all know what I chose.

So how do you know what to do? How do you know what decision to make? Well I've come to the conclusion that there really isn't a right or wrong decision. Either decision will have obstacles to overcome and lessons to learn. So you just have to chose one. The longer you stare at the road block the scarier the decision becomes, because you will only find all the reasons why either road won't or can't work.

It kinda reminds me of the story of Peter walking on water. The story goes; He saw Jesus walking on water and said, "Lord, if it is you tell me to come out and walk on the water." And Jesus said, "Come".

Now to me that would be a road block. Leaving the safety of a boat or taking a chance to walk on water. My brain would be having this conversation, "What a thrill it would be to walk on water, but obviously it's not possible to walk on water". "If I don't take this chance I might regret it the rest of my life." "If you take this chance you will drown, idiot." "Do I believe in Jesus enough to take the chance?"

But Peter decides to take the chance. Wow! Walking on water! Then he looks up and gets scared and starts to sink. And Jesus has to reach out and save him. The story has some good insights, whether you believe the story or not. If Peter would have stayed in the boat, he wouldn't have experienced the momentary thrill of walking on water. The outcome was the same either way, he ended up safely in the boat.

Next time you find yourself with the staring at the road block remember, You can't walk on water if you don't get out of the boat.

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