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Your Network Marketing Company’s Compliance is a very important part of your business that often gets ignored. Everyone focuses on their recruiting and sales and thinks it’s the company’s responsibility to look after legal matters. This is not true. Don’t put yourself and your downline at risk by not reading the fine print and getting in trouble with your company or worse yet, legally. Every company has their own set of rules, despite all sounding similar.

Compliance is a dry read and can dampen the spirit of starting your own business, but if you ignore it you could be setting yourself up for undesirable consequences. You need to know what you can and cannot say when representing your company. You need to know how you are allowed to advertise, if you are allowed. You need to know the insides of how you are to operate your business.

Education is a huge part of learning your new profession. I wish you all success.

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God Bless,

Micky Bixby

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