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Generating Leads Marketing Yourself

You may see ads all over the internet on generating network marketing leads and you are wondering what are leads? Simply put, leads are potential customers.

To grow your network marketing business you need to be able to continuously find new people to share your opportunity with. This gets hard when you’ve gone through your all of your warm market. So what do you do?

My suggestion is to think of activities you enjoy. Let’s say you enjoy swimming, biking, reading, 80’s music, classic movies, home improvement and parenting. So you could start by seeing if there are any groups, lessons, clubs or organizations in your neighborhood that relate to any of these activities and you would like to join. Or if there isn’t any, maybe you could start a group. Advertise in your paper you are interested in starting a book club or a mom’s and dad’s group. Be creative. The goal here isn’t to present your opportunity. Your goal is to have relationships with like minded people.

Remember this business is not a get rich quick scheme. This business is about building a network of friends that want to work together. So go and do what you enjoy doing and make some new friends. Have fun and be genuine. Marketing yourself, doesn't mean to present to everyone you meet. Don't share your opportunity unless asked what you do.

If you want to learn more about marketing yourself in your network marketing business, go to

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Wishing you success!

Micky Bixby


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