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Parenthood and the Economy

Recently Forbes published an article on Parenthood and the Economy. . They partnered with to survey mothers and the results weren’t surprising. Women are caught between a rock and a hard place. Due to the economy it is no longer a choice whether they want to stay home and raise the children or work.

84% of working women told ForbesWoman and TheBump that staying home to raise children is a financial luxury they aspire to.

More than one in three resent their partner for not earning enough to make that dream a reality.

This is probably one of the reasons we are seeing such growth in the Network Marketing Industry. Women are given the ability to make the same amount of money staying at home with their children and creating their own working hours. This removes all guilt and resentment towards their partners, gives their children the best loving environment to grow up in and removes the financial strain most young parents are facing.

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