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Why People Quit Network Marketing

adapted from The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olsen

Only about one person out of twenty will ever achieve his or her goals and dreams in llife. Regardless of what realm of life or work or play we are talking about, we'll see an average success rate of not more than 5%. Why is that? As we are growing up we hear 40,000 no's and 5,000 yeses. That's eight times as many no's as yeses. Eight times the force holding you down, compared to the force lifting you up. Eight times the gravity against your desire to soar.

"Don't do that! Don't slouch. Don't touch that, it's hot. Don't talk to strangers. No, you can't stay up later. No, not till you're older. No, we don't have time right now. No no no..."

Is it any wonder only about 5% of people succeed with the amount of negativity imposed on them, whether the intentions for the no's were good or not.

So what makes that 5% able to succeed? The predominant state of mind displayed by the people that don't succeed is BLAME. The predominant state of mind displayed by those people that do succeed is RESPONSIBILITY. Successful people live a life of responsibility. They take full responsibility for who they are, where they are, and everything that happens to them. They know there are no excuses; they understand and accept the fact that nobiody can do it to them, and nobody can do it for them.

People that fail to succeed are masters of blame; they blame everyone and everything - the economy, the government, the weather, their neighbors, the rich, the poor, the young, the old, thier kids, their parents, their boss, their coworkers, their emplyees. Life itself. They are life's victims.

It is much more comfortable to blame and make excuses than it is to take responsibility and move out of the comfort zone.

Which way are you headed?

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