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dream a little, believe a lot and take a few chances.

I can remember driving for the first time through Calgary Alberta. I had read over the map the night before and knew which roads I wanted to take, but I also had a 4 year old daughter in the back seat of my car. I spent a lot of my time talking to her through my rear view mirror. So needless to say when the exit I needed came up I missed it. I pulled over and pulled out the map to find another route which ended up being more complicated. It took me longer to get to where I was going but I eventually made it.

I recently realized I was living my life this way. I was so busy focusing on what was behind me that I was missing countless opportunities whizzing past me. Then I would analyze all those missed opportunities and what I should have done, which would solidify my belief that I was a failure. Then to make myself feel better I would reminisce about pleasurable past memories. I was like a dog chasing its tail faster and faster with no results.

Realizing that I was living this pattern was my first step to freedom. Then dreaming about what I wanted in my future was the second step. Believing I could make it happen was the third and being aware of the opportunities, taking chances, and stepping outside of my comfort zone was the final step.

I believe we are all placed on this miraculous planet for a reason yet we can’t find that reason when we are too busy looking behind. I dare you to remove yourself from your past, dream a little, believe a lot and take a few chances.

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