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Don't Quit

I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes one person seem to do well in Network Marketing and the next person struggle. And I’ve come to a conclusion I thought I would share.

One of the best features of network marketing is there is always a duplication method to follow. It worked for everyone above you, beside you and behind you. It is a brilliant way to teach people to earn as they learn. The reason some people struggle and others succeed isn’t the duplication model, but the personality types. An outgoing social person is likely going to be more successful at the gates; whereas a quiet organizational person is possibly going to have difficulties in the beginning.


This isn’t to say that some people are naturally better equipped to be network marketers. The people that run from the gate tend to trip a little further down the line, when other skills are required to maintain the business. This might be where the second person is going to excel.

What needs to be realized is that everyone will be successful in this business if they don’t quit. In reality all personalities are needed to bring a culture of understanding and camaraderie. Everyone needs to be recognized and encouraged during each stage of the business. I have not heard of any person in this business that didn’t struggle at a few points during their journey.

So if you are struggling to get started, if you feel like you are failing your team, or you’ve lost everyone and have to start over, you are not alone. Keep focused and keep learning. This is a journey based on self discovery and overcoming obstacles. In the end you will discover that the greatest accomplishment isn’t the amount of money you earn, but the development of yourself.

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