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A Generation of Change

I was taught that we were put on this earth to enjoy it. We were created to love one another and help one another, to live in harmony and to share our skills and talents. We are supposed to be great at who we were created to be. Yet, as I observed life I first witnessed selfishness and with it hurt. Then I witnessed greed and with it suffering. I witnessed bullying and with it defeat. The pain continued. I witnessed power and with it submission. I witnessed ridicule and saw conformity. No longer was my belief in what I was taught, but my belief was in what I witnessed.

I grew up frustated with the conflicting lessons. I found that I wasn't loving others or helping others. I was more concerned with the benefits to me. I wasn't living in harmony or sharing my skills and talents, I was hiding them. I wasn't being the great person I was created to be, I was being the person people expected of me. I really wasn't enjoying the life I was put on this earth to enjoy. And I lived with this deep seeded frustration. If only there was a way where people actually loved and helped each other. Where talents and skills were appreciated and people could really be as great as they were created to be.

I have found something that I truly believe is a step in the right direction. It is a business model that promotes encouragement of each other, without competition. What?? Is that possible?? Yes, because helping others actually helps you. It encourages self growth, to help you find the greatness that you have been hiding. It is all about building relationships, playing nice and helping each other succeed. It's called Network Marketing. I am not a recruiter, I am an informer.

I am sharing this with you because I am hoping you will see the beauty of this industry. Where else are you able to make money based on your effort, not on your time. And are able to create an unlimited income with the support of your peers?

I love what I do and I hope that if you are presented with an opportunity to join a network marketing company you seriously look at it and not pass it off as a 'pyramid scheme'. A pyramid scheme is illegal and they are few and far between. I believe the labeling of Network Marketing being a pyramid scheme is the 'big industries' way of discouraging people from being financially able to leave the low paying mindless jobs they need people for. Netowrk Marketing can benefit you and your family. It's probably not what you have been led to believe. Network Marketing has taken many huge steps since Amway introduced it to the world. A good network marketer does not harass their family and friends. They inform them of an opporutnity with respect and integrity and move on.

I believe that we are the generation of change. We can rebuild the world to a better place. We can build each other up. We can enjoy the life we are created to enjoy. :)


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