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How Does Plexus Slim Work?


It’s easy to imagine that our Body is a City. Our heart is the heart of the city. Our brain is the control center. The intestines and bowels are the sewage system, Our kidneys are the water works and the suburbs are our Limbs and Joints.




















By the time we are in our 20’s, the gangs (free radicals) have started and are  wreaking havoc on the system. So some of our centers are starting to fight for their life and the gangs are taking up space.









This is where Plexus offers some help.





















Meet Chromium, your body’s Wonder Woman. One of the main ingredients in Plexus Slim. She is responsible for keeping blood sugars balanced. When your blood sugars are in check your body has the ability to lose fat. It decreases inflammation and appetite cravings. Wonder Woman plays an important role in insulin signaling. Poor insulin signaling, or insulin resistance, is a prevalent condition that contributes to obesity and several other metabolic problems that predispose people to diabetes and heart disease.




















Then there is Batman. Alpha Lipoic Acid. (ALA) which is also found in Plexus Slim. I like to call him Batman because he can cross all barriers. Alpha lipoic acid is a fatty acid that is found in every cell in your body. It converts blood sugar into energy needed for our body to function.























It is a SUPER ANTIOXIDANT and should be driving the batmobile because it is the only antioxidant soluble in both fat and water. Giving it the opportunity to fly though your entire body slaughtering all the gangs.  Batman is able to help people with neuropathy and nerve damage because of his ability to enter all parts of the nerve cell and protect it from damage, decreasing symptoms of pain, burning, numbness, tingling, weakness, and itching. Batman with its super powers can also cross the blood-brain barrier. This is a wall that VERY few can penetrate. It consists of tiny vessels and structural cells. Once inside Batman is able to protect the brain and nerve tissue by preventing free radical gang damage to our control center. Helping in the prevention of Alzheimer’s. It also seems to have the ability to revive antioxidants such as Vitamin C. Batman also increases the formation of glutathione which is so powerful, I like to think of it as Superman.




















Superman Glutathione is the most important molecule you need to stay healthy and prevent disease -- yet you've probably never heard of it. It's the secret to prevent aging, cancer, heart disease, dementia and more, and necessary to treat everything from autism to Alzheimer's disease. There are more than 89,000 medical articles about it.  Superman is the master detoxifier and maestro of the immune system.

Glutathione deficiency (a lack of superman) is found in nearly all very ill patients. These include people with chronic fatigue syndrome, heart disease, cancer, chronic infections, autoimmune disease, diabetes, autism, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, arthritis, asthma, kidney problems, liver disease and more.

 Our ability to produce and maintain a high level of glutathione is critical to recovery from nearly all chronic illness. It is critical for immune function and controlling inflammation. It is the master detoxifier and the body's main antioxidant, protecting our cells and making our energy metabolism run well.




















The Hulk uses his force to block the body’s ability to form fat and puts a brake on your body’s appetite. The Hulk – Garcinia Cambrogia, also seems to help diabetics maintain a healthy blood sugar levels and lowers blood pressure.





















Green Lantern is another super hero found in Slim. Green Lantern - Chlorogenic Acid (green coffee bean) is an antioxidant that is able to flush out the liver and the colon of the radicals that have been loitering for years.


Stevia is the natural sweetener used in Slim. Not only does it add to the yummy taste of Slim, it also has other benefits. It is known to help lower blood pressure and blood sugars. Helping your heart and metabolic system.


Beetroot gives Slim its delicious pink coloring, but also has health benefits of helping with sleep, muscle movement, learning and memory because of the nutrient choline found in beet root. It also helps to maintain the structure of cellular membranes, aids in the transmission of nerve impulses, assists in the absorption of fat and reduces chronic inflammation.




















So that is the magic of Slim. When your body is given these natural super powers it is able to rebalance and refresh itself. It is able to do the jobs it was meant to do. And you will find if you need to lose weight, you naturally lose weight. If you need to gain weight, you will naturally gain weight. If you are inflamed, your inflammation will cease. If you are feeling like you have brain fog, the fog will be lifted.

The magic of plexus is in the recovery of your body, not in stimulants. 

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