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We are just an ordinary happy couple living in the beautiful country of Canada. We have 3 grown children and have decided to start a new journey with Plexus.


After struggling for a couple of years in the network marketing industry our friends Randy and Lisa introduced us to a company that is brand new to Canada and growing in leaps in bounds around the world.


Plexus Worldwide was ranked #8 as one of the fastest growing businesses in the United States by Fortune 500. It was the only network marketing company that made it in the top 100 on that list. It was also ranked #2 for all health product companies in both network marketing and non MLM companies by Shape Magazine.


In 2009 Plexus Worldwide was making over $289,000 in annual sales. In 2014 they are making over $30,000,000 a MONTH in sales. This company is growing faster than anyone could have imagined. The reason for the great success is the products are unique and the results people are having are incredible.


When Plexus came into our lives Chuck had just strained his sacrum which was pinching his sciatic nerve. He was miserable. The only position that gave him any relief was laying on his side with a pillow between his legs. He was using a cane to walk and physio therapy wasn't helping. So out of desperation he tried the plexus slim and the fast relief products. Micky thought she was pretty healthy, but was feeling old for her age.

This is our journey....



Feb.16, 2015 ~ Micky writes: 
Well it's been 2 weeks with Plexus and here are the results...
1. I love to poop! yes, maybe too much information, but it is a good thing for me!
2. When I wake up I don't get out of bed, because I ache all over anymore! YES!!
3. I don't drink 10 cups of coffee anymore. Just don't need or want it. I am completely satisfied with one a day now.
4. I am not in a constant battle with my stomach. I don't care if the kitchen is right next to me with food in it. That pull is gone!
5. I am not coveting sleep anyore. I get a full nights sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a new day.
6. Those horrible sweaty nights and daily sweats are becoming less frequent. SO SO SO THANKFUL!
7. My skin isn't so dry and withered up all over anymore. 

8. The healing process of my foot is speeding up. I can't say for sure this is entirely because of my new best friend, but I think it's related.
9 I lost 1 inch around my tummy while sitting around all the time because of my broken foot. I inch!! Not huge, but still!! Imagine when I'm fully active! Maybe soon I will be able to borrow clothes from my daughters!!
10. Overall... I FEEL GREAT! I feel like Benjamin Button. I know longer feel like the 75 year old lady I was feeling like. LIFE IS GOOD!

Chucky writes: 
1 I have more energy and don't feel so groggy and tired.
2. I am sleeping through the night.
3. No more twitchy irritable legs at night! ! I LOVE that one! 
4. Cigarettes don't taste so great. I am staying loyal and still puffing on them, but we will see how long that lasts. 
5. No cravings for pop and sugar. I have also cut down on coffee. 
6. My lower pain in my back has settled down remarkably well. I can now sit instead of either walking or laying down!
7. I also feeling like Benjamin Button and loving it!


March 21 ~ Micky writes:

1. We both feel better. It's hard to describe but slowly we are going back in time. I would say physically and mentally I feel like I am in my late 20's now. Bedtime isn't my goal anymore. We don't lack energy.
2. Our internal systems are up and running well 
3. In 1992 the tip of Chucky's index finger popped off in a lumber yard accident. It was sewn back on, but he had lost feeling in it. THE FEELING IN HIS FINGER HAS RETURNED!!
4. Those sweaty nights and daily sweats are gone. They had subsided to just once every morning but this week they are COMPLETELY gone!
5. I used to get headaches (not migraines) a couple times a week. I don't anymore.
6. I have lymphedema in my right leg. I used to always have this dull ache which would increase in the evenings. I don't have that anymore. Hoping the swelling goes down, but it hasn't yet.
7. This is Chucky's progress since Feb 2, on his lower back injury. 

Week 1: He is moving more with use of cane.
Week 2: He is able to sit for periods at a time, instead of just walking or laying.
Week 3: He is going to town for short outings and visiting friends.
Week 4: He runs out of plexus and is back to laying on the couch and cannot sit without pain. Within 1/2 hour of taking plexus slim he is swinging cane around dancing in livingroom. (Yes, it really happened)
Week 5: He flops on the couch like a teenager to watch tv.
Week 6: He is back to normal activity. He still cannot drive logging truck as 12-16 hrs sitting in a bumpy jarring truck would not be good. But hopefully soon


Since our last post from March 21, I can honestly say that our lives have completely changed. We are feeling great and we are able to share these amazing products with others and hear their amazing testimonies. I can't begin to tell you how awesome that is! 


If you would like have health and healing in your life, please click on the contact button above. We would love to get your started on your own journey.



God Bless,

Chucky and Micky Bixby





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