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We have been in Network Marketing for 7 years and with Plexus Worldwide for four years now and LOVE IT! Plexus is changing lives EVERYWHERE! These products work!


We are in the restoration business. We are talking about restoring your body from the inside out.  We aren't talking a new work out routine or starting a new fad diet. We are talking about restoring your body to the pre-toxic state it was originally created as.ti


Plexus Worldwide is a unique company that is changing the lives of people worldwide offering supplements created to rebalance your body naturally. Once your body has restored its natural balance it is once again able to restore itself.

This is absolutely the most EXCITING time in our lives and we want to share it with you! 

We also love to help people build a financially successful business with Plexus. We know the difficulties of building a network marketing business online. Micky has many useful tips in her blog on how to build a team, helpful self growth messages and how to build attraction.  just go to to learn more.


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